Zig Mantell is a complex, multi-tiered artist.  There are many facets to his works that do not fit neatly into a single category.  Thus, many layers to his visual and musical creations.

Zig, born in 1950, has explored many art forms throughout his life.  Everything from pencils, photography, and painting to piano. His reluctance to pursue recognition has changed now that he has retired from his career in industry.

​In 1985 Zig graduated from Kean College  of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science and a minor in Fine Arts.

​In 1990, after a 20-year period of painting large oils and pencil works, Zig spent time working primarily on composition and performing his piano works for a record label (Proxima) in California.  Two CDs were recorded: Chrome and Ruby Blue.  All the while, he maintained his industrial career.

ZIG MANTELL      Digital Art

Around 1994 when he returned to visual arts, it was to use photography as a means

of exploring the concepts of collage.  Then, in early 2000 everything went digital

and Zig began using a MAC Computer, not only to record and produce music, but to 

utilize ADOBE PHOTOSHOP with his digital camera.  He began a new phase of artistic


Zig retired from the industrial world in 2007 and has explored the medium of digital arts in their varied forms ever since.  He has performed and produced

2 Jazz Trio CDs (The Doc Jake Trio).  And in addition, 7 other albums of piano

or multi instrument, original CDs.

With one college course in 2007, Zig learned the finer points of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, which gave him insight to all the infinite possibilities of the medium.

PHOTOSHOP, as a digital medium, enables Zig to simultaneously study many artistic concepts, Nusites, Vorbitals, Civilizations, and Constructed Collages to name a few.

So, there are multiple "Streams of Consciousness" going on.  Many different styles of art represented as Zig sees them.

Color is a very important stream that flows through all the work.

Geometric form is also a vital mark of all his compositions, sometimes resulting in a labyrinth of color, shape, and texture.

​Iconic objects and subject matter, portrayed in a metaphoric atmosphere represent his thinking and philosophy.

Science and science fiction has always been a big part of what influences Zig's work.  His art reflects those visions as projected through that filter.

Zig's circumstances since the mid nineties has given him opportunities to travel the world and live in various parts of the USA.  Digital photography, the computer and related programs allow him to explore and create art wherever he travels.  Zig has taken well over 100,000 photos that he uses as references to make his creations.